Our platform has the main functionalities of the major worldwide platforms (e.g., Whatsapp, Classroom, Zoom, Youtube), all brought together in a single application, with the advantage of having been designed specifically for education.


Key Features


Channels with live classes and interactive chat

The channels created are dedicated to the transmission of interactive "show classes" in real time (live streaming) for large user groups, such as all students of the same educational level, or for teacher training.

- The student can ask for a turn to go "live" on the broadcast to answer questions or clarify doubts.

- Channel chat is persistent, recorded in the cloud so as not to overload the user's device.

- Customized filtering of undesirable words, automatically excluding terms.

- In addition to the channel chat, students can also exchange messages directly with teachers and students in their own classes.

Classrooms - Videoconferencing and multimedia chat

- In the Class environment, the teacher can initiate videoconference sessions with his students.

- Screen sharing of the teacher's cell phone and/or computer (example: PowerPoint presentation).

- Multimedia chat can be enabled, allowing the sending of PDF files, videos, audios, and images.

- Text messages are stored in the cloud and do not occupy the internal memory of the mobile device.

- Bad Word Filter.

- The teacher can temporarily lock students.

- The teacher can delete chat messages in class.


Task system and adaptive learning

- Reproduce presential classes from live transmissions and in real time, through technological mediation, aiming at the construction of knowledge with the incentive to the interactive participation of students and teachers.

- The teacher can assign assignments to students in a class, including text, multiple choice questions, essay questions, PDF documents, images and videos.

- The coordination can also assign tasks to all students in the same grade.

- Students will be able to complete their assignments on-demand with total flexibility of time.

- The teacher can monitor the students' deliveries through a web-based management panel.

Poll and Quiz

The feature that allows live polling and quizzes can be enabled.

The low latency operation allows the live Quiz/Survey to be truly interactive, since the students, besides answering questions in real time, can also participate via chat and/or video transmission, if authorized by the moderator.

Quiz also allows for awards (concept of "gamification").


Push Notification Services

- Notification systems can be targeted to send selectively to specific students, teachers, classes, grade levels, or other interest groups (such as school principals and managers)

- Guaranteed delivery of notifications for better engagement of the school community

Messaging and audio/video calls

• Communication service between teachers and students

• The teacher does not need to expose his phone number to the student

• Business rules applied in education:

- Students can send private messages to their teachers at any time. However, they will not be able to make audio/video calls with their teachers at any time of the day.

- The teacher can exchange messages with the student and/or make audio/video calls whenever he/she wants.

• The messaging service has multimedia features such as attaching documents, photos, audios, videos, and location.



- Frequency control data

- Control of tasks and activities performed by the students

- Possibility of integration with BI and CRM

- APIs for user authentication and LMS integration

All data processing done by the platform is in full compliance with the LGPD (General Law on Personal Data Protection) and does not cover any sensitive user data.

Sponsored Mobile Data

• The IP.TV School Platform supports zero rating - educational projects in which the mobile data is sponsored by the educational institutions with the main operators using the user's own chip.

• It is also possible to deliver a personalized smartphone chip for exclusive access to the educational content.

• The IP.TV platform has features that allow you to save the consumption of sponsored data.

- Limiting the bitrate of videoconference sessions.

- Configuration of videoconference usage time per teacher.



The contracting institution can have other educational resources integrated into the application via webview.

It can be integrated with any of the institution's VLEs or even market standards such as Google Classroom.

Possibility to guarantee zero rating for the integrated platforms.

Youtube streaming integration

Integration with Youtube streaming is possible, in at least two ways:

a. Use a YouTube Live streaming as the source of content for the solution's broadcast channels.

b. Make YouTube video sequences available on the solution's channels for on-demand access.

Possibility of zero rating exclusively for desired videos and playlist.