Meet our corporate solutions


Since 2000, the Group IP.TV offers specialized services and develops information technology solution focused in EDUCATION. Market leader for 16 years, Owning a solution to an interactive TV and multipoint through IP video conference

7000 classrooms

2 milion students

15 live TV studios


National and International

-Rio INFO 2007-

Best Educational and Internet Environment Solution (IP.TV)

-Assespro 2008-

Best Educational and Internet Evironment Solution (ip.TV)

-Learning Impact Awards 2009-

Barcelona (SEDUC-AM Project)


-World Innovation Summit for Education 2009-


-E-Learning Brazil 2008/2009-

(SEDUC-AM Project)

-Assespro 2013-

The best telecommunications silution (SYNCAST) / The best TI infrastructure solution (SYNCAST)




Some of our technologies that are inserted in the market and implemented in projects throughout Brazil.


Client IP.TV

IP multiservice platforms based on IP.TV Server-Client software, with servers available for Linux and Windows OS. An architecture is very dynamic and flexible, which enables deployment processes on the most complex and heterogeneous IP networks, including satellite networks, making it operational by unicast and multicast standards. IP.TV Client Available for Windows and MacOS


It is a technology with low cost android OS, enabling project deployments accompanied by a multimedia kit.

  • Safe Locker
  • TV (43 Inch minimum)
  • Webcam HD
  • IP.TV Box
  • Handheld microphone
  • USB / XLR cable
  • USB keyboard and mouse
  • Stabilizer

App Mano - the Super App (Android / iOS)

Mano is the Super App with live and interactive channels, you can also open conversations and make audio or video calls.

  • live stream
  • Interactive Channels
  • Group Creation
  • Video Calls
  • Audio Calls

Mano Web

With ManoWeb, you can easily synchronize all your conversations with your computer and watch all multimedia content in both Playlist and Live content, as well as make peer-to-peer or group audio and / or video calls.


IP.TV SynCast

IP.TV SynCast is a central point file distribution system for a scalable number of remote points, with active broadcast control, delivery assurance and web application management.


It is a portable device consisting of a computer (PC) with embedded digital TV tuner which connects to a TV set via an HDMI input.

  • PC (Windows) at lowest cost on the market
  • Digital TV
  • Mano platform with class recording
  • Integrated AVA (Optional)
  • No need to have a connected internet network

Product Specification - pt/br - Manual Download

  • Processor : Intel Atom Z8350
  • OS : Supports Windows 10
  • Memory : 2GB DDR3
  • HD : 32GB eMMC
  • Expansion slots : Micro SD, Max 128GB
  • Display Interface : Port HDMI/TV tuner
  • Wireless device : WiFi 802. 11ABGN AC com
  • USB interface : USB 2.0 0x2
  • Power Input : Micro USB interface
  • Power supply : 5V/3A

Educational kit sold in Brazil includes: UHF Standard Digital TV Antenna Connector / Adapter Cable; USB wired mouse and keyboard; 5-port USB hub with HDMI Cable (12cm)



You can provide White Label version of MANO application for Social Projects, Corporate Communication and among other applications, contact us and make your budget.